Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blood Memory by Greg Isles

Title: Blood Memory

Author: Greg Isles

Genre: Fiction

Summary: During the investigations of a serial killer in New Orleans, Cat Ferry confronts memories that challenges the truth about her family.

The Take-Away: A co-worker recommended this book and I checked it out without knowing anything other than "it's really good." The first page hooked me with the second person point of view that actually was a dialogue between the narrator, Cat Ferry, and myself, the reader. By the time I realized that the book was actually about sexual abuse of children, I was too involved in the characters to give it up.

It's never graphic, but the horror of the adults who experienced it griped me. Isles lays the background so well, that I kept thinking that one of his other books must be about Cat Ferry and her lover and lead detective, Sean Regan. The history wasn't essential to this story, but surely would be worth a title of its own.

Isles writes extremely well from a woman's point of view, capturing both the momentary insecure and on the spot decisions that frame women's lives.

Recommendation: Read it and check out some other titles too.

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