Friday, February 10, 2006

Reason Number X for Reading Miss Snark

Like I really needed another reason to read Miss Snark. I'm in love with her way of calling a spade, a spade.

(The following is a direct quote of her thoughts regarding a big constest sponsored here.)

The prize is a trip to NYC (yay!) and a meeting with four editors or agents.

Oh, and you'll get a publishing package from a ...wait, wait, wait..Outskirts Press?

Wtf? Who are they? Oh...uh huh. POD on a stick. Yummy.

[My edit to the next interesting paragraph]

How much does it cost to enter? $15 for each ms.

Ok, let's do some math.

Figure 10,000 entries (and heck, we had 100 on the crapomter in 72 hours so I know 10,000 is a reasonable number).

$150,000 gross. Less some prize money, and a trip to NYC ($30,000). That's $120,000 to open some envelopes...and do they even say send in an SASE for a response? if no, it's just open, scan,, I'm in the wrong business.

Unless you read the original, the sponsor of said contest is a supposedly trustworthy name in publishing. Looks like they sold out to me.

And I need to submit my resume as a professional envelope opener to Miss Snark's agency.

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