Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I should have been a Marketing Exec

This past weekend I had a cup of Victor Allen coffee as I often do on the morning my crit group meets. I like to pop into New Moon Cafe not only to support the local coffee shop, but the local coffee resaler. Victor Allen is based in Little Chute.

The meeting, however, didn't hold my full attention, as I was fascinated by the logo on the coffee cup. The logo was the middle one on the home page. I started by looking at the bean and wondered briefly why it had a tail.

If the "v" is inverted, it's an "a" since the tail is on the bean. Then lightning struck.

It looks like sperm.

As I stiffled my giggle, the full implication of the "v" hit me as well. V = vagina or an open, welcoming pair of legs. I stiffled more giggles. My apologizes to whoever's piece was up for comment. I should have explained, but as I am the only romance writer, I figured I'd share my thoughts with a wider audience.

The history page at the Victor Allen website doesn't say how the company was started, just that they have been around since 1979 and have 9 stores. Is the name based on the founder?

Or just some really clever marketing techniques?

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