Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sick Baby

Nothing is worse as a parent then when your child is sick and you can't do a damned thing about it. It's nothing serious, but that is no comfort when he lays his little head against you and says, "Stay."

He is teething and gets new ones in very poorly. Every new tooth has been pure agony. The oldest would get new teeth and we'd never notice until he decided to use your arm for practice.

This one, however, throws up, doesn't eat, runs a low grade fever, gets a runny nose, the works. My heart cracks in two when I drop him off at daycare. That woman is a saint. She know it's his teeth and keeps him even though, technically, she should send him home simply because his temp is high. If you live in Oshkosh and are looking for a inhome childcare provider, I've got a fantastic one for you.

Part of me feels like the bad mommy who doesn't stay home with him. Part of me feels like he is being taken care of as well or better than I would. After all, if he feels better, there's all those kids to play with. And that's so much better than playing with Mommy.

Hope you feel better soon, baby.

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