Friday, November 11, 2005

Book Review II

Title: The Secret Lives of the Sushi Club

Author: Christy Yorke

Genre: Chick Lit

Summary: A member of the Sushi Club violated an unspoken rule and used the initimate details from the lives of club members as fodder for her lastest novel. The four women and family member take a white water rafting trip to pick up the pieces of their destroyed lives.

What was Good: I loved seeing how the varied personalities reacted to and resolved the betrayal. Each woman learned and healed from the experience. The story has depth that is not evident from my summary. Short spoilers, though, I can't point anything specific out.

What wasn't: This sounded like a chick lit novel. Parts of it where. Parts of it were women's lit. Seeing them side by side just didn't work for me.

The Take-Away: I'll probably read Ms Yorke's next novel too. Parts of this were wonderful, but others really left me hanging.

Recommendation: Put it on your list, but not a top-level priority.

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