Friday, November 11, 2005

Sick Baby, Part II

Having a good child care provider is completely worth the amount of money spent on them. She has been completely fabulous with the baby this week, while dealing with the aftermath of their own tradegy.

Yesterday when I picked him up, she had been giving him cool baths inbetween ibuprophen. Wiping his runny nose. Cuddling when he didn't want to do anything that involved moving from the couch. Have I mentioned how much I love in home providers? At a center, I would have been called with in minutes and told to pick him up. Her opinion was that I needed to keep my vacation time for the fun days, not the taking care of sick kid days. I know that she loves him as much as we do.

After the fourth full day of this, we both knew it was more than just teething. I decided to take him to the doctor. As it turns out, he has an ear infection. Two doses of antibotics and he is (mostly) back to his normal self. This means he is bossy, asking for Halloween candy, and chasing the dogs around the house.

I decided to keep him home so he could rest. Little did I know how quickly amoxicillian works. Right now he is sleeping with Daddy, in the oldest's bed. It's been awhile since I last heard their voices and giggles, so I'm assuming that they are asleep.

I'm taking advantage of that fact and going to get ahead on my NaNo word count. I'd love to be done by the 29th and think I have a shot at it. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone, for both the baby and the writing.

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