Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ten Reasons to Love my New Saab

1. The Sport Button When deployed this nifty little button allows me to go very fast very quickly. After driving my powerful 8-cylinder Durango, I feared moving to a 4-cylinder; with the sport button, I hardly notice the difference. 2. The Combination Moon and Sun Roof If it hadn't been for the fact I drove the Durango for three years, I would have listed this first. It was the prereq for any vehicle I was going to buy. 3. Gas Mileage I'm averaging 23-24 mpg compared to 10-11. I love filling my car with gas when it is every other week and runs about $30. 4. Auto-locking Doors For the back seat only. I appreciate the thought, since I have kids and all, but love not having to remember to unlock mine when I want to get out. 5. Using the Key to Lock the Doors It took some getting used to, but I can never lock the car with my keys in it. 6. Other Weird Lock Features Like when I unlock all the doors with the key and someone tries to open their door at the exact second that I unlock, their door doesn't open. It keeps my kids out usually, or my mom, but if it were a person with malicious intent, I'd be safe. 7. Leather Seats No matter what is spilled, I can just wipe it up. 8. Wiper Blades on the Headlights As strange as it sounds to have them, I'll be loving it in winter when I won't have to scrap my headlights. 9. Resale Value They hold their value better than most domestic cars. If I ever decide to sell, I know that I'm not completely screwed. 10. The Speedometer Tops out at 150 Not that I've tested that or anything...

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