Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Preparing for July 16th

I always like to re-read J.K. Rowling but this time it is in preparation for the release of Book 6. I decided to start at the current end and read to the beginning, to give myself a fresh perspective of the series. The Order of the Phoenix is a dark novel compared to the first four. As it ends, I wonder how the sixth will fill the gap to the series end. I know that whatever Ms Rowling has planned will be brilliant, but my limited vision seems to think that Book Six is a place holder for a seven book series. (Book series almost always are odd numbers, I've noticed.) The Goblet of Fire ends the way The Order begins, but the rest of it is rather typically growing pains of any teenager - school, girls and rifts with friends. Actual reviews of the works seem a bit pointless, as you should have read them by now. If not, get a copy and get reading. The weekend of the release promises to be quite busy, as it looks as though I will have house guests. As a result, I'm not going to be able to start the book until the 18th in all likely hood. I have some thoughts about this and what I'd like to post, but it would work much better if I could give my family a vacation on the 16th. If only I could convince them to go away for the weekend and leave me to read in peace.

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