Friday, June 17, 2005

Random Thoughts

I've been watching bits of the series Inside the Mafia on the National Geographic Channel. I found out that the Mafia became the powerful organization that it did during Prohibition. They were willing to provide alcohol to anyone who wanted it. But they would have problems among the various families. To put a stop to the inter-family fights, they organized a panel that was the heads of all the families. If one had a grivenance against another, it was brought to this panel. It was this panel that decided to move to drug trafficking. Prior to the organization of the mob families and their venture into drugs, very few people used drugs in the States. My question is thus: If Prohibition had never existed, would the Mob had organized? If so, would they have moved into the drug trafficking sooner? The series has been really good. I hope that they re-run it so I can see the parts that I missed.

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