Thursday, October 28, 2004

Warning: Turn Clocks Back

Ever wonder why we do this or how the whole thing got started? This site explains it all. I found that Ben Franklin can be blamed, er, credited with the idea. He did a study that showed how much would be saved a year in candles, wicks, and tallow, by making this change. To keep it current with the times, traffic studies have made it valid to continue the practice; the claim is a reduction in traffic fatalities and the likelihood of pedestrians being killed on the roads. Crime is also reduced since more people have the opportunity to arrive home before darkness sets in, a time when burglars prefer to operate. (This was a previously prepared post. Life is still in shambles, but tomorrow looks promising.)


Anonymous said...

I often wonder why we must change the clocks... hmm, more sleep this Saturday night, just what I need! Hope your life is starting to glue itself back together! If only we could all take a long vacation and come back to clean houses, happy children, and loving spouses/boyfriends!

Prahagirl said...

I was aware that good ol' Benny came up with Daylight Savings! I hope the Shambled life begins to be unshambled and that whatever shambled it is no longer an issue. :)