Monday, August 09, 2004

Crabby Baby and the Boat Ride

The baby is teething again. Which wouldn't be bad, except this is the second battle that has resulted in no teeth. And he is a true man. Whiney, whimpery, clinging, and in general miserable. I'm talking about me. Or how I would be if I was to give up, admit defeat and act the way I feel. The poor kid is miserable, I know. He isn't eating (one of his favorite activities.) Yesterday he had a few goldfish crackers and half of a Yumsters yogurt. This from the child who normally eats a cup and a half of mac and cheese. Obviously, he is ill. My darling husband, seeing my level of frustration escalate through the day, suggested a sunset boat ride. Really he was afraid I'd blow my temper on him. However, I loved the idea and it worked. The baby was sleeping, afterall. My mom was able to finish the book she'd picked up at the Library. And I got to enjoy the wind in my hair, the waves and my dog at my side. And some good conversation with my husband. We're at one of those crossroads where we need to decide what we are going to do regarding several aspects of our lives. The open air is a great place to air the thoughts that had been rattling in both of our heads. Perhaps I'll share some of the not-so-evil ones with you later...

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