Tuesday, July 31, 2007

World Domination

Stacy at Welcome to the Confessional started her own meme:

The World Domination Meme:

You are offered one superhero power to help you take over the world (or the country of your choice). What would your superpower be and why?

The ability to see through things, both physical and non-physical. Of course, eventually, I would be driven nuts by my ability as I would constantly be walking into walls and doing damage to myself. But my ability to see through lies would be extremely helpful.

Where will you establish your capital and why?

Somewhere in California. I'm pretty sure that their economy could support itself once splintered from the US. They are considering it too, after all.

What would be your first official decree as a brand new dictator? Why?

All corporations would need to evaluate their salaried employees and stop chaining them to desks. Let their performance be based on outcome, not hours tied to a desk.

As a Great and Fearsome Leader, you will need to have the best people working for you. Who would work for you? (Feel free to use famous people, fictional characters, friends and family, or other people from the blogosphere in your answer.) What would their jobs be?

  • Thursday Next, Political Adviser
  • Word Nerd, Grammar Police
  • Albus Dumbledore, Rule Maker
  • Dooce, Director of Entertainment
  • Naturally, I reserve the right to add more when needed.
If you could make one annoying habit illegal in your empire, what would it be? Either bad grammar or private conversations in public areas on cell phones. It's a tough choice.

In all, I'm sure my country would collapse in no time, as I'm more interested in reading than ruling the country. But it's fun to imagine, just for a day.

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