Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Interactive Food Pyramid

Remember health class? The four food groups and the lovely square, at least if you are my age or older. I remember the shift to the pyramid, in order to incorportate fats and oils and split fruits and veggies into two categories. But the USDA has hit the 21st century and gone hi-tech. The new Pyramid is interactive based on age, gender and activity level. If this isn't enough for your tracking needs, they also have added a food and exercise journal, much like eDiets or Weight Watchers online. It takes your 1 cup of Honey Nut Cheerios and converts it to the equivalent grain serving and the percentage of your daily intake that it meets. It's slow, but pretty cool, if interested in tracking your food intake in detail. The only glitch that I found was that the pyramid generated from age, gender and activity level is different than the comparitive one inside the food intake equivalent. The differences aren't huge, but enough that you should decide which really is the one to follow and remember the percents from the first chart, if it is the one to follow.

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