Thursday, November 16, 2006

Five Things to do One Day

I haven't lived terribly long on this planet (29 years for the inquisitive) but I have made some rather important decisions about my life.

For all of those NaNoer's out there needing an easy post, I'm starting this meme: One Day...

List 5 things you'd like to do some day. The dreams that you'd like to accomplish. The goals you've set for yourself.

Here's my five things, and I've done a few of them.

  1. Write a novel. I've done this five times and am working on my fifth try. I'm not published, but I am happy being a writer, with my butt in the chair every day.
  2. Learn how to tat. I taught myself how to through a series of books. I decided that after dropping out of college, and my susesquent to return after one year, I needed to start learning what I wanted to, rather than waiting for some day.
  3. Live in a foreign country. For at least six months, possibly longer. I'm not really sure how I'm ever going to do this, since my husband hates to fly domestically. I cannot imagine what sort of promises I would need to make in order get him on an international flight, but I don't want to rule it out. I'd probably pick somewhere in the UK, but a European country with a strong English speaking population would be good too. Maybe Greece. Or Italy.
  4. Teach my kids to think for themselves. When I was a teacher, I got in trouble for this regularly. I'm sure the consequences will be steeper yet as a parent, but I cannot imagine wanting my children to learn any other lesson, no matter how difficult it makes them as teenagers.
  5. Graduate with a useful degree. I currently have a Bachelor's of Science in History. That's what an overdose of religion classes will do to you. But I don't have the teaching certificate necessary to make the major or the minor (English Lit and Education ) useful. I check the mail box anxiously every day for a letter with the return addresw with a UWO logo. A big fat envelope, because everyone knows that those mean acceptance.

I'd like to think that my list is both literal and symbolic. That what I've choosen as my life goals are meaningful, challenging, and encompass both the day to day activities as well as the long stretches. I think a list like this should stretch in a variety of directions.

I'm tagging

If you don't have a blog, email me (stacie.penney (at) and I'll post your list for you.

What's your one day list?


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Anonymous said...

D'oh! That's what I get for trying to write a post before I've checked my Bloglines feeds. I'll save your challenge for Friday, when I'll be all sluggish and extra uncreative. ;)