Thursday, December 13, 2007

My Favorite Day

When I was single, and had whole weekends to indulge in my own whims, instead of the whims of my family, I loved finding chocolate-covered cherries in the stores.

This Christmas favorite as signaled an afternoon of indulgence. BUy a box and a romance novel. Combine with some candles and whatever classic cd was my favorite. I'd lose myself in both the chocolates and the story.

Today, I couldn't imagine gonig more than 15, maybe 20, minutes without a problem to solve or a request to share the chocolates. And while I may miss the solitude, I won't miss the downside -- no bellies to tickle, no sticky hugs or kisses, no one to share with.

I find today, surrounded by memories and happenings, to be the best day.


Entered in Scribbit's Write-Away Contest for December 2007


Bethany K. Warner said...

Shoot. This makes me want chocolate covered cherries and candles and a good book...

Scribbit said...

These are my mom's favorite and they completely remind me of her. She used to carefully cut off the wrapper's end but save it in the plastic sleeve so that people would think they weren't open yet and wouldn't try to beg her for some and she could keep them for herself :)

slpenney said...

That is too funny! I'll have to try it with the next box I get.

Daisy said...

Another Wisconsin blogger! Mmm, chocolate covered cherries. Add the good book and I'm right there with you.