Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fly Fusion Pentop Computer

I was watching television the other day when somewhat dramatic commercial came on: A hip college student is writing on "air" (which is probably really a glass wall) with a pen that converts handwritten text to computer generated text. The Fly Pen also can do math calculations, play MP3 files and a plethora of other options.

It was fabulously cool and something that I wished had been available to me in college.

Then the lightening bolt struck: Word Nerd is probably wishing she had one of these when she was writing her current WIP in composition notebooks. She has three or four books worth of typing. Just think, with the Fly Pen, she'd be done.

It's probably on her Christmas list.

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Word Nerd said...

If only I had thought of a fly pen. No, actually this year my christmas list is full of exceptionally practical things that I can no longer afford for myself what with this whole year-of-service-in-poverty thing going on.