Friday, December 14, 2007

The Editor Letter

Bob Mayer and Jennifer Crusie have an awesome online writing workshop that they have been contributing to all throughout 2007. They follow a "he said, she said" format that often, respectfully, disagrees with one another.

Jenny posted her rules for The Editoral Letter. While she means is THE EDITORIAL LETTER, I believe that they could apply to trusted Critique Partners as well.

  • Wait twenty-four hours after you read it.
  • Change everything that you don’t care about, that won’t impact the story as you need to tell it.
  • Know exactly why you can’t make the other changes and explain your reasoning clearly to your editor.

While your CPs might hot have the 1000s of titles under their belts like editors at publishing houses do, they still want you to write the best story possible.

If you don't view their suggestions this way, why bother having CPs?

What will you do when it is The Editorial Letter on the side of those corrections?

How do you reaction to critiques?

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Bethany K. Warner said...

Are you planning on using this with me next time I send you pages?

slpenney said...

I've already been using some form of that. It's funny though, when I get grammar advice from both you and Sebs cos it doesn't always agree and then I have to figure out what I should do.

But as far as content, I typically read it, wait for a time, then think through how the changes that I don't agree with will impact on the story.