Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Teaching my Brain new Tricks

School was a long time ago, folks. Most of what I learned there would have been helpful had I stayed on the original career path. But since I took a major turn in life, I find that I need to teach myself how to do things that I should have known how to do years ago. Like HTML coding. Like how CSS works with HTML. But most importantly, how to trackback. Trackbacking is everywhere. I love the idea of reading other people's thoughts on a post that I've enjoyed. Often, I'll even post about and think, now my blog will be registered with the trackback. Alas, it is not so. First, I had to have trackback on my own blog. Hence, the change to Halcon comments. With Haloscan, I was trackback-enabled. (Yes, I'm making up words again. Deal.) My first post to trackback! But wait, somethings wrong. It's not working. Work calls, kids calls, marriage calls. Everything is left on the to-do pile. Several weeks pass and I figure I should tackle the problem again. I check out some helpful sites, mainly this one from TypePad. Very helpful, but I use Blogger cos it's free. Haloscan has a tutorial that I quickly find, now that I understand the theory of how trackbacks work. But wait - Blogger isn't automated. I have to do a manual trackback??? WHAT THE?? Okay, I can cope. After all, if I ping them, they might see me, more readers, wider audiences, etc. etc. All the things I want, but am not getting. So, I taught myself how do to this. I can't wait until Blogger makes it automatic.

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