Monday, March 21, 2005

The Blind Fragging the Blind

Okay, I have to admit that the title caught my eye and I had no idea what it said. Now I know how my five year old feels when I use words he doesn't understand (Pick - up - your - toys.) In reality, the article is about gamers who are blind. Personally, I never thought about it, but there's a growing number of them available for the blind.

"My dad had taken me as a young person to arcades and he would tell me what to do, and what was going on," said Feir, founder of Audyssey Gaming Magazine, an online quarterly for blind gamers. "I always thought that I could play myself if they were sound-based games." Now the games exist -- lots of them. Audio games represent almost every gaming genre, from multiplayer role-playing games to action-adventure titles, driving games, science fiction thrillers and puzzle games.
Totally awesome. I personally like RPG (role playing games.) But I couldn't imagine trying to find hidden items when I can't even tell what I'm looking for. But then too, I don't spend my days in the dark either. Brainstorm -- what an awesome way to explain to a sighted person how a blind person spends their day. I'm going to have to check into this further.

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