Thursday, March 31, 2005

Other Things my Brain Needs to Learn

Microsoft Access is an evil necessity. My record database at work is huge. Like Excel is rapidly running out of lines, huge. As a consequence of being the administrator, over-seer and all-around-babysitter of said database, I am required to learn Microsoft Access. Let me tell you, having a conversation about getting access to Access causes major confusing for the IT support that is to install it, as well as any other cube dwelling neighbors who are listening to your conversation. I like Excel. I'm comfortable with it. I know how to get what I want and check my data to make sure it makes sense. I don't like Access. It's uncomfortable. I can't get what I think I should be able to. I don't know if my data makes sense. It is a slow, plodding and some what painful road that I walk right now. I keep reminding myself that I'll be a better person for it when I'm done. Or when I'm done I'll be a better person to be around since I won't be cursing under my breath every few seconds.

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