Friday, April 27, 2007

Stacie Needs...

I picked this up from another Stacy, but our needs are different.

The idea is to Google your name and "needs" to discover what the internet things you are lacking in your life. Post the top five.

  1. Stacie needs to let people know that the reason she is what she is is because of God and his help for her. (This is Stacie Orrico, who pops up all the time as a search keyword for my page. Who the heck is she?)
  2. Stacie needs her own forum!
  3. Stacie needs to be the perfect roll model.
  4. Stacie needs a new computer.
  5. Stacie needs to gain cycling confidence

When I checked the URL for any of those, it all feed back to a "Stacie Orrico" site.

Maybe I should check out who this chick is and why people are telling her what she needs.


Stacy said...

Stacie Orrico is, I believe, a Christian pop singer. Someone that no one over the age of 14 would listen to.

slpenney said...

One of the forums that I skimmed said something about her religion. Good to know that she is a singer. Thanks.