Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bubbles A Broad by Sarah Strohmeyer

Title: Bubbles A Broad

Author: Sarah Strohmeyer

Genre: Chick Lit

Summary: A wannabe journalist investigates on behalf of an escaped convict/socialite surburan housewife. The mystery points directly to the town's biggest employer who is known for covering up problems.

The Take-Away: Books like this one and Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum make classification hard. A death is investigated, but no cars are blown up. A dangerousily sexy man waits in the wings, but only one, not two. If you like Evanovich, I'd give Bubbles, a try. This title, however, is third in the series and plot details occurs in Books 1 and 2.

I liked Bubbles, but could tell that I missed out on certain details by starting here. For instance, why is the former stylist so determined to become a journalist? How did she start solving crimes? What's prevented her and Steve Stiletto from sleeping together before this?

Serial characters are my favorite to read when I really like them and have vested interest in getting to know them better. I picked this one up in a good spot too; I'm only behind by two books.

Recommendation: Read it for the entertainment value and the great hair and skin care tips at the end.

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